Quotes, Awards, and other Nonsense


"the finest songwriter in CNY... One of the areas true treasures" 

-Upstate Live

"Kind of like Woody Guthrie for millenials"

-Observer Dispatch

"A palette of incredible songwriting. J. Schnitt just keeps writing and putting out amazing records"

-Mohawk Valley Living

"A collection of songs that serve as both survival guide and coping mechanism, giving the listener much needed comic relief, inspiration to take a stand, and ultimately, reasons to find hope in these strange and troubling times."

-Garret Ingraham, Tramontane Cafe, poet

"Prolific, multi-faceted songwriter that floors his audiences with subtle, startling, and often stark phrasing, alternately mixing straightforward honesty with abstract imagery and complex interpretations. An enigmatic performer who's songwriting prowess and unique stage presence cannot be missed."

"Near flawless alternative folk-rock anthems that sounds like a greatest hits compilation"

-Daydream Generation

"A kindred spirit and hell of a songwriter"

-Dan Bern

- Unity Hall Songwriting Contest - 1st Place

- 3 time SAMMY Award Nominee

- International Songwriting Competition Excellence in   Songwriting

- Song of the Year Finalist

- 2 time Unsigned Only Finalist

- Nelson Odeon Songwriters Round Featured Performer

- The Clown and Bard (Prague, CZ) Songwriter Series Featured Performer

- Indigo Blue Songwriting Contest Finalist